2023 CFO
Outlook Report

Our new report surveyed CFOs across the United States to learn what solutions they might be considering for their teams in response to a skills shortage and a potential recession. Download the report to view the results.

Some key findings from the report:

of CFOs either have a hiring freeze in place or are preparing for one.

say the current skills shortage will impact their decision to outsource finance and accounting tasks.

believe they will not be able to focus on more strategic projects unless they automate some of their manual processes.

Following Covid-19 and the Great Resignation, CFOs have seen their priorities shift to the workforce. This focus will likely remain in 2023 as companies face a skills shortage and a potential recession.

To understand how CFOs plan to deal with these obstacles, we surveyed CFOs across the United States. We asked about topics related to the potential for hiring freezes, how a skills shortage would impact their decision to outsource, and how prepared they feel to support their organization's growth and scalability over the next year.

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"With a skills shortage and a potential recession on the horizon, there are some serious roadblocks to growth ahead. But there are also ways of overcoming those roadblocks. For CFOs who are wondering where their peers are at when it comes to these obstacles and the various solutions to them, we believe these results reveal a clear picture of what other CFOs are gravitating towards to support their teams and the businesses they're a part of."

Courtny Cloeter, CRO at OneSource Virtual

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